Trustworthy platforms

The ongoing interconnection of electronic systems, observable in the automotive sector, involves entirely new risks. The embedded systems employed in every-day traffic are especially vulnerable. These systems are installed out in the field, as opposed to normal computer systems, which may run behind closed doors. As such, potential attackers may be able to physically access these systems, which severely raises the attack-potential.

The goal in iKoPA is the development of a “Scalable IT-Security Platform” (SISP), which will serve as a trustworthy Platform for such systems. The scalable approach will a broad spectrum, ranging from larger computer systems, to small embedded systems employed in automotive applications.

Two aspects are in the focus of SISP: modern isolation techniques, and the systematic application of TPM 2.0 technology. Concurrently running applications on a system will run in isolation, which will reduce the effects of potential exploits on other security relevant applications. The deployment of TPM 2.0 technology will further enhance the security, as manipulations are detected by TPM and sensitive material, such as cryptographic keys, are locked down.