So far the cross-manufacturer integration of automated, electric driving is still a challenge for a variety of reasons like:

  • missing and nontransparent communication structures
  • lacking standardization of information quality
  • a lack of IT security

All the factors above prevent the general availability of information. However, given the fact that the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles won’t be very dense anytime soon, up-to-date information on the availability of charging stations will be crucial. Regular and plannable charging operations are a key success criteria for the roll-out of electric mobility. Besides communication and data quality issues privacy and data protection are important development goals but haven’t been focused on by projects in this field of automated electric driving so far. Therefor iKoPA is focusing on the following general and technical objectives.


General objectives

  • Linking automated driving functions with infrastructure-based data
  • Multimodal interaction between smartphone and vehicle
  • Integration of transportation and charging infrastructure


Technical objectives

  • Secure communication based on secure hardware
  • Consideration of data protection aspects
  • Convergent communication across multiple communication systems